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380ACP 85gr Terminal Shock™ Bulk 250 Rnds


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250 round loose pack of 380ACP 85gr Terminal Shock. You carry a 380 ACP pistol to maximize concealability. The DRT 380 85 grain ammo maximizes lethality in this small caliber. It is designed to work and function in the many 380 micro pistols made today. A non-lead projectile with a Hollow Point Flat Based (HPFB) design. It’s OAL is 0.955” allowing it to function properly even though it is a hollow point. Due to velocity and pressure restraints, this bullet fragments into several pieces, penetrating 9-11” of gelatin. The jacket will stay intact and its petals will expand, with approximately 50% of the core fragmenting. The fragmentation that does occur will cause wound cavities of 1-3” in diameter. The DRT 380 bullet will penetrate soft barriers like sheet rock, plywood, car doors, and some windshields. Please read our FAQ section before ordering.

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