9mm 85gr Terminal Shock™20 Round Box (Incorrect Head Stamp)


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*IMPORTANT* – This ammo was made with the incorrect head stamp to use up extra brass on hand. The head stamp reads +P. This is NOT a +P round. Everything is the exact same as our 9mm 85gr Terminal Shock except the brass is a little heavier.

Reliability. In both function and performance, 9mm 85 grain DRT ammo will function in all 9mm weapons reliably and is the staple of the DRT line of projectiles and ammunition. Very light felt recoil and standard pressures allow the shooter to have faster follow up shots as well as better accuracy. In tests, the DRT 85 grain 9mm bullet penetrates semi-hard barriers like sheetrock, plywood, car doors, bone and most glass, then still performing well passing through clothing and into the gelatin test block. Utilizing a Hollow Point Flat Based (HPFB) design, the bullet is engineered to delay its expansion 1-2 inches before the jacket begins to peel back exposing the core. Penetration is 11-12″ in ballistic gelatin with a wound cavity is typically 3″ in diameter with complete fragmentation of the core.

**These are nickel plating over brass casings. The nickel plating does not come off and cycles guns better than standard brass. The nickel plating also reduces tarnishing.

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