DRT® .308 175gr Elite Series Terminal Shock™ 20 Round Box


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The .308 175 gr round is a devastating round that shoots sub – MOA out of most factory rifles, is  accurate out to 1000 yards and works well in a 1:10 and 1:11 twist rate barrels. You can expect wound cavities of 4-6” in diameter with 16-18” of penetration. It is reliable, accurate, has reduced ricochet, and is lethal ammunition. This bullet is engineered to work on large game or as an excellent round for Sniper use as it has a reduced risk of pass through. It performs excellent on barriers like auto glass, sheetrock, plywood, and other semi hard barriers.  This ammunition performs the same as our original, but it has a black metal plating on the case which helps to function better in the AR platform and the bullet has been redesigned with a secant style ogive to increase the BC by a whopping 13% – going from 0.497 to 0.570. The new style also provides more reliable expansion and has a very dense core. (https://advancedplatingtech.com/ammunition-defense/black-tpd-plating/) The bullet is also plated and which adds lubricity to the barrel and decreases the fouling normally caused by standard copper jacketed bullets. The bullet requires something liquid or something harder than itself to expand.

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