DRT Technology

DRT Technology Stands Alone

The powder core technology has been around for a while. However current examples on the market do not come apart uniformly and are not very accurate. DRT™ is the first company who has figured out how to stabilize the bullet in flight to achieve high accuracy and still have full frangibility.

DRT Ammo Anatomy

A. Compressed Metal Powder Core, 99.9% pure – the bullet is 100% lead free and nontoxic
B. Our jackets have concentricity of less than two tenths of one thousands. We buy premium rifle and pistol jackets to ensure only the best accuracy.
C. High quality propellant, measured to two tenths of a grain
D. New high quality cases.  At DRT, we only use brand new components.
E. High quality primer.

We insert a compressed core of powdered metal that is not bonded or sintered. At the end of this operation we have a projectile with perfect spin stability. In lead bullets you have bubbles in the core and impurities in the lead. In our cores we use laboratory grade materials that are 99.9% pure. We then combine the bullet with new brass using automatic loaders for making consistent parts.

The Terminal Shock bullet will not come apart until it hits something liquid or something harder than itself.  This bullet is barrier blind – meaning it will go through barriers like bone, sheet rock, light steel, car doors, plywood, and siding, without expanding.  It will not penetrate through a person, animal, water, or hardened steel, however.

When the bullet penetrates a gel block or organic tissue, the soft material going into the hollow point actually makes the jacket peel like a banana, exposing the core, which is now spinning at high RPM – unsupported. There are no large chunks, just fine dust doing the terminal damage.

The difference between DRT and other frangible ammo is that it will penetrate barriers like bone and muscle and stay together.  Once it hits the liquid, it expands.  So basically it expands in the organs, right where you want it to.  Expending 100% of the energy within the animal or person allows the damage to stay inside and causing rapid incapacitation.

United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL), by Don Mikko