DRT Ammo is for Hunters

We are introducing to you a new, revolutionary line of hunting ammunition. Developed by hunters for determined hunters who are conscious about the environment and who appreciate supreme accuracy. We have field tested our ammunition on all continents under different weather conditions. Whether we were shooting 1000 yard shots in New Zealand on a Red Stag or in Alaska on a wolf, our animals never got away when a DRT bullet hit them.

That is the beauty of our frangible ammunition. Once you hit the body cavity, the bullet begins to come apart (after a delayed expansion of 2″) so that a terminal shock occurs in the organs and the animal will expire much quicker than with conventional ammo. There is no ricochet when impacting a rock or other hard body object, so you don’t have to be worried about wounding other animals or injury to yourself or fellow hunters or guides.

DRT is the first company who figured out how to stabilize the frangible bullets in flight to achieve high accuracy, even at extreme range. We currently have 22 patents on our ammunition that allow us to be the best in the business of penetrating, frangible, ammunition.