Frequently Asked Questions

why is our ammunition so accurate?

Let us start with the jacket. Our rifle jackets are the best in the world. We then insert a core of compressed powdered metal, that is not bonded or sintered. By combining a flawless and balanced core into a perfect jacket, we can produce accurate bullets (using conducive bullet designs) with proper spin stability and consistent results. We then combine the bullet with prepped brass (sized, cut to length, and weighed for a perfect match). Our neck size is within one half of a thousand’s and the tolerance on our powder charge is to three tenths of a grain. After all that is done, the final inspection and weighing is done to ensure that the round is to exact tolerances.

why frangible bullets?

We are conscious about the environment and with the trend toward lead-free ammunition, we are one step ahead of our competitors. Our core is encapsulated in copper just like others, but we use a core of powdered metal, not lead. We start with a fine mesh powder to make the core (much like the mesh of face powder). Once completed you have a projectile with unheard of accuracy at distance with terminal ballistics ensuring your trophy is down where you hit them.

what affect does drt ammunition has on the quality of meat?

The meat that is affected – or organs – is basically like a duck being shot with many bb’s in a shotgun shell. The meat will be bloodshot where it is affected. Cutting around it is the best option. This is somewhat a trade off, but if you want a bullet to be effective, it has to cause damage. Most hollow points are not that effective at killing on game, especially on marginal hits. Our bullets allow for a much greater margin for error. I would rather eat 99% of an elk that dies than 0% of one that got away because of a marginal hit or poor performing bullet. And don’t let anyone tell you that they always make perfect shots every year. If they do that, they are either shooting something at close range – or they are lying. If you do it enough and hunt at various ranges, things happen.

what are seconds or blemished bullets?

Seconds are bullets that have a physical imperfection, such as discoloration or a ding of some kind. They chamber, fire and function the same as firsts.

can drt ship to me directly?

We only ship within the United States via UPS Ground. Due to certain Federal, Sate, and local laws, we are unable to ship to specific areas. Before placing your order make sure to check your local and state laws to ensure that it is legal for the product you ordered to be shipped there. Some areas require us to receive and keep a copy of a designated permit, license, or similar prior to shipping certain products. IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER THAT CONTAINS ITEMS THAT WILL SHIP TO A RESTRICTED AREA, THE ORDER WILL BE CANCELED AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED A SERVICE FEE FOR THE CANCELATION.

By placing an order for ammunition products, you (the customer) certify that:

  • You are at least 21 years of age if purchasing handgun ammunition or 18 years of age if purchasing rifle ammunition.
  • You have checked all Federal, State, and Local laws and are allowed to purchase and receive the products you have purchased.
  • You are within compliance of all Federal, State, and Local laws relating to any products purchased on the website.
  • By selling or shipping to designated shipping address, Dynamic Research Technologies is not violating any Federal, State, or Local laws, statues, rules, regulations, or restrictions.
  • You are legally eligible to posses and/or purchase a firearm.
  • You have not been convicted in any crime that would render you ineligible to posses or own a firearm.
  • You are not currently under indictment for any crime.
  • You do not use or are addicted to any controlled substances.
  • You have not been diagnosed or adjudicated as having any mental illness or have been committed to any mental institution of any kind.
  • You hold current legal status in the United States and can lawfully posses and/or purchase a firearm.
  • You are not currently being reviewed for or have been discharged under dishonorable condition from the United States Armed Forces.
  • You have not renounced your United States Citizenship.
  • You are not subject to any restraining order.
  • The products you purchase on our website will not be used in any crime.
  • You have never been convicted or expect to be convicted of any domestic violence crimes.
  • You Will not sell, trade, give, or transfer any products purchased on to individuals who cannot legally possess or own those products.

Additional information about laws and regulations is available at:

• US Code: Title 18, Section 922


• ATF.GOV Laws

• Gun Laws

• Legal & Legislation

shipping liability

Dynamic Research Technologies only ships via UPS Ground. Once the carrier has received your order, Dynamic Research Technologies, LLC is released of any responsibility for the safe transit to the delivery address.

returns & exchanges

Due to safety reasons, we cannot accept any returns on ammunition sales. ALL AMMUNITION SALES ARE FINAL. Order cancelations may only be done if the order has not yet been shipped and you will be subject to a restocking fee up to 10% of the total dollar amount of the purchase.

Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearms!

We will only ship to United States citizens or resident aliens that meet all legal requirements for purchasing the desired product. Due to changes and the complexity of federal, state, and local regulations, it is your responsibility to verify that the products you wish to purchase are legal or can be legally shipped to your area.

Below is a list of some restrictions. Before placing your order, be sure to check federal, state, and local laws as the information provided below may have changed.


Alaska  No Ammo
APO & FPO Address  No Ammo
California  No Ammo or projectiles without an FFL
Connecticut  We must have AEC or Pistol Permit and State ID on file
Hawaii  No Ammo
Illinois – Chicago  No Ammo without a retail license to sell within the city of Chicago
Illinois  We must have your FOID and State Issue ID on file
Massachusetts  No Ammo without an FFL
New Jersey  We must have your Firearms/Ammunition Identification Card and State ID on file to purchase handgun ammunition
New York  No Ammo without an FFL or LE Exemption on letterhead
Rhode Island Must be age 21 to purchase ammunition (includes primed case, propellant or projectile). After December 31, 2022, a purchaser must also possess a valid pistol/revolver safety certificate, OR Rhode Island hunter education course card issued by the Dept. of Environmental Management.
 PO Boxes  No Ammo
Washington D.C. For the purchase of ammunition, the purchaser must present a valid firearms registration card or LE Exemption on letterhead