Self Defense

DRT Ammo is for Self Defense

Imagine using a round that will not ricochet or pass through. The perfect all around, self defense, carry and training round is here.

Lead-free bullets

The DRT™ lead-free frangible projectile is exactly that revolutionary round. The bullet disintegrates on contact with a solid hardened surface.  It is encased in a copper jacket that opens when the bullet strikes fluid, exposing the core of the bullet that disperses upon penetration. Centrifugal force built up on the backside of the bullet triggers fragmentation as the bullet is halted by soft tissue. What is revolutionary about our bullet is the method of creating a bullet core that will consistently fragment and inflict different degrees of damage on a target. The core is comprised of powdered metal and unlike the other frangible bullets on the market, our core is not bonded or sintered, it is merely compressed.

Quick stopping power, unsurpassed performance!

One of the major concerns with any bullet is to achieve the maximum stopping power at the lowest possible caliber. The DRT bullet possesses the power to stop quickly in even its smallest versions. Even though the bullet does come apart, the ability to have a delayed expansion allows this particular bullet to go through light barriers before it expands. It does not act like traditional frangible ammo in the sense that lack of penetration has been the calling card of that type of ammo. We have effectively developed bullets that are penetrating and frangible.