DRT Terminal Shock™ Elite .224 Diameter 79gr Projectile 50 pcs


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The 223 79 gr ELITE projectile has been a great performer and oldest bullet design we have used.  So in the summer of 2019, we
decided to give her a facelift.  The new bullet has a much more Sleek design with a boat tail and Secant shaped nose as well as a little added
length.  What does all that mean – a higher BC.  High Ballistic Coefficients allow a bullet to resist drag for a longer period of time.
The old design was accurate, but was limited by the range in which it still stayed effective. With a boat tail and a longer, more sleek nose
on the bullet, it can now be more effective up to 200 yards farther and has less drop than it’s former self.  The core is still made up of
higher density than lead materials, which causes giant wound cavities and quicker expirations.  Get your box today and enjoy the new upgrades!

*This bullet is great for hunting hogs, deer, and other critters that are up to 500 lbs. It is also a great tactical bullet as it does not
ricochet on steel, but will go through most barriers including windshields.

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