Terminal Match™

Terminal Match™ by DRT

Terminal Match™ by DRT

Less expensive.

DRT is known for its Terminal Shock™ lead free, powder metal projectiles.  DRT Terminal Shock™ is premium ammunition, made with premium metals and that is reflected in the price.  We are proud to introduce a new training ammunition, our Terminal Match™.  These bullets are made of a standard lead core and are the exact same dimensions as the Terminal Shock™ projectiles. Terminal Match™ rounds are loaded at the same specifications as the Terminal Shock™ cartridges (of the same bullet weight) and calibrated to hit the same point of impact on the target.  At nearly half the price of the Terminal Shock™ round, you can practice with this round confidently and more importantly – with less expense.

Available in three 30 caliber cartridges!

This introductory offering is only available in three 30 caliber cartridges – the 308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, and the 300 Winchester Magnum.